Idioms: the devil makes work for idle hands -- the eye of a needle

the devil makes work for idle hands if a person is not busy he will do evil things, work ethic Protestants believe children should be busy because the devil makes work for idle hands.
the devil you say that is amazing, how about that, you don't say "I caught a thirty-pound trout." "The devil you say!"
the dickens you say that is unbelievable, gadzooks, say what "Ping, you won a car!" "The dickens you say!"
the downside the negative side, the disadvantages, the bad points The downside of abortion is that some women use it as a method of birth control.
the dying seconds the last few seconds in a game The score was tied 3 - 3 in the dying seconds of the third period.
the early bird gets the worm the one who arrives first gets the reward etc. I want to go to the sale at 8 a.m. The early bird gets the worm!
the end-all, be-all (See the be-all, end-all)
the end justifies the means any method is fine if the result is good If a person steals food to survive, does the end justify the means?
the end of the line the time to leave, the place to get off When the group began to gossip, it was the end of the line for me.
the eye of a needle the hole in a needle, the opening for the thread The hole in the tube was smaller than the eye of a needle.
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