Idioms: look down your nose at -- look over your shoulder

look down your nose at look at a person as though he is not as good as you Just because he's rich he looks down his nose at us.
look high and low look everywhere, leave no stone unturned We've looked high and low for that watch, but we can't find it.
look into investigate, find the facts, get to the bottom of The principal will look into the attendance problem and see what is causing it.
look like death warmed over appear to be sick, look pale or weak Mom is not feeling well. She looks like death warmed over.
look like he was dragged through a knothole appear to be very tired, burn out, run down After a divorce and a funeral, Anne looked like she'd been dragged through a knothole.
look out be careful Look out! That knife is sharp.
look out for watch, protect, look after Please look out for your sister. She needs your protection.
look out for number one help yourself first, get enough for yourself You can look out for number one as well as help your friends.
look over check, examine, look at I've looked over the report. It contains the data we need.
look over your shoulder look to see who is following you He's always looking over his shoulder to see who's after him.
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