Idioms: clouds on the horizon -- coffee talk

clouds on the horizon a problem has appeared, something is wrong, the sky isn't blue We have achieved our goals, but there are clouds on the horizon. The government is going to cancel our funding.
clued in aware, in the know, with it "How do you get clued in?" "You watch and listen, man."
clueless not informed, ignorant, not with it When I don't know the answer, I try not to look clueless.
clunker a car that is in poor condition, a beater Uncle Blair has bought another clunker - an old Pontiac.
clutch hitter (baseball) (See a clutch hitter)
clutz (See klutz)
cock and bull [B] nonsense, bull, BS [B] Don't believe that cock-and-bull story about Bigfoot.
cocky proud, smartass "Why is Len acting so cocky?" "He won the Frisbee contest."
cocoon stay inside your home to feel comfortable and safe We don't want to go out tonight. We feel like cocooning.
coffee talk conversation while having coffee, water-cooler... I don't believe Sally's pregnant. It's just coffee talk, just gossip.
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