Idioms: what's new -- wheels

what's new what is new in your life? what is happening "Hi, Pearl. What's new?" "Lots. I have a baby!"
what's the big idea why are you doing that? who said you could do that? What's the big idea? Who said you could chop down that tree?
what's the poop what is the news? what did you hear? what's going down When Holly wants to know what happened, she says, "Well, what's the poop?"
what's up what is happening what is the latest news? Bugs Bunny says to Elmer Fudd, "A bee 'n a bee! What's up, Doc?"
what's what what is the truth, what are the facts, the straight goods I want to know what's what before I go to court. I want to know what happened.
what's your beef what is your complaint? why are you upset? What's your beef, Mark? I can see that you're upset.
what's your poison what do you like to drink? which liquor do you like? Come over to the bar and I'll buy you a drink. What's your poison?
wheatbelt wheat-producing area, breadbasket Farmers in the wheatbelt pray for rain for their crops.
wheeler-dealer a person who is good at making sales and deals, a wheeler-dealer Cliff is a wheeler-dealer in the energy industry. He brings buyers and sellers together.
wheels vehicle (car, truck etc.), set of wheels Jeff, can I borrow your wheels? My sister needs a ride to the mall.
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