Idioms: clean up on -- clear up

clean up on defeat, beat, whip you, wipe you Little Chad cleaned up on big Clint. Chad is quite a fighter.
clean up your act do it better, do it legally, get your act together I've missed classes, failed tests. I need to clean up my act.
clean up your plate finish eating all the food on your plate, eat it up You may leave the table after you've cleaned up your plate.
clear as a bell easy to hear or understand, clearly audible We heard him say it. He said no, clear as a bell.
clear as mud not understandable, confusing Mr. Lee explained the formula. Then he said, "Clear as mud, eh?"
clear out leave, go, get out, take off When the gang arrived, we cleared out. We left in a hurry.
clear out sell at a low price, sell at a discount We're clearing out last year's stock at 20% off.
clear sailing (See smooth sailing)
clear the air explain, talk about a problem openly His statement will clear the air. It will prevent more confusion.
clear up explain, discuss so everyone understands Let's clear up the matter of the missing keys. Were they stolen?
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