Idioms: read my lips -- rear end

read my lips my lips are saying what you are hearing, believe it Edie said, "Read my lips, people. We have no more money."
read them and weep check your cards and cry about your poor hand After dealing the cards, Walt said, "Read 'em and weep, boys."
read up on read about, study, look up I'm going to the library to read up on Louis Riel.
read you see what you're thinking or feeling You have an expressive face. Anybody can read you.
real McCoy (See the real McCoy)
realize your potential be the best you can, come into your own If you work for a good company, you can realize your potential.
really deaf not willing to listen, not wanting to hear about When you talk about smoking, he's really deaf.
ream out scold, give you hell, tie into He reamed me out for driving too fast. He said I could have caused an accident.
reap what you sow (See you reap whatsoever you sow)
rear end buttocks, posterior, backside, butt "Where did she pinch you?" "On my rear end - my bum."
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