Idioms: lose your marbles -- lost cause

lose your marbles lose control of your mind, lose it When people grow old, do they lose their marbles?
lose your mind lose control of your mind, go out of your mind If you continue to use drugs, you'll lose your mind.
lose your shirt lose most of the money you invested He invested in condominiums and nearly lost his shirt.
lose your temper become angry, get mad When you lose your temper, the children become frightened.
lose your tongue be unable to think what to say, cat got your tongue, mind goesblank It's embarrassing to lose your tongue when you're standing in front of an audience.
lose your touch lose some of your skill, lose it "I'm losing my touch," he said, looking at his drawing.
losing it losing the ability to think or remember, not sharp I think I'm losing it. I can't add or multiply without a calculator.
losing streak losing game after game, losing a series of games The Jays are on a losing streak. They've lost four games straight.
loss leader a low-priced item to bring customers to a store, bogof The loss leader at SuperStore is a package of coffee for 99¢.
lost cause (See a lost cause)
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