Idioms: The Big Apple -- the bottom line

The Big Apple New York City, New York, USA Guess what! My friend and I are going to live in The Big Apple!
the big cheese the boss, chief cook and bottle washer, head honcho If you've got a complaint, see the big cheese - our manager.
The Big O Olympic Stadium in Montreal We watched Diane compete in the pentathlon at The Big O.
the big 0 zero, nothing, zip You won a car. I got the big 0.
the big picture all parts together, the whole plan, can't see the forest... Look at the big picture. Doing two jobs will have a negative effect on your family.
the bigger they are the harder they fall we can beat the big guys, big players fall harder, mind over matter "Look at all their big players!" "Don't worry. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!"
the bitter end the end of a long struggle, the end of a difficult time On a ranch you work till a job is done. You stay till the bitter end.
the blind leading the blind the leader is ignorant or incompetent With Filbert as President, it's the blind leading the blind.
the bottom fell out the project stopped, the business failed, the wheels fall off When the price of oil dropped, the bottom fell out of the oil industry in Alberta.
the bottom line the final number, the conclusion The bottom line is this: we can't afford to buy another store.
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