Idioms: the long arm of the law -- the middleman

the long arm of the law the police, police methods Thanks to the long arm of the law, a thief's in jail and I have my car.
the loo the toilet, the can, the john I'll see the kitchen later, thanks. Where's the loo?
the Lord helps those who help themselves if you work to help yourself God will help you If you pray, remember, the Lord helps those who help themselves.
the lowdown the facts, the real story Did you get the lowdown on how he died? What really happened?
the luck of the draw the chance that your name or number will be chosen Plan your future. Don't depend on the luck of the draw.
the luck of the Irish the good luck of Irish people When Kerry wins a prize, he says, "Aye, it's the luck of the Irish."
the makings of the potential to become, the ability to develop Look at Debi dance. She has the makings of a ballerina.
the man in the middle the person between two enemies When hockey players fight, the linesman is the man in the middle.
the Man in the Moon a myth that the moon is the face of a man "Who will help me find my dog?" "I know. The Man in the Moon!"
the middleman a person who buys from the producer and sells to the merchant If we can buy from the producer, we can save the money we pay to the middleman.
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