Idioms: better to have loved... -- beyond the call of duty

better to have loved... (See it is better to have loved and lost...)
between a rock and a hard place in a difficult position, making a difficult choice, Sophie's choice If I told the truth, I would lose my friend. I was between a rock and a hard place.
between sixes and sevens (See at sixes and sevens)
between the devil and the deep blue sea in a difficult position, no place to go, between a rock..., Sophie's choice If he ran, they would shoot him; if he stayed in the shop, the gas would kill him. He was between the devil and the deep blue sea.
betwixt and between not able to choose one or the other, ambivalent Which should I choose - PC or Mac? I'm betwixt and between.
bevy of beauties a group of beautiful women, a few lovelies Mr. Gable returned to Hollywood and his bevy of beauties.
beyond help lost, cannot be saved Some addicts are beyond help. They don't want to be helped.
beyond me (See it's beyond me)
beyond repair ruined, cannot be repaired, a lost cause That copier is wrecked. It's beyond repair.
beyond the call of duty (See above and beyond the call of duty)
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