Idioms: haywire -- head in the sand

haywire (See go haywire)
hazard a guess guess at the answer, take a a shot in the dark How many beans are in the jar? Do you want to hazard a guess?
he who hesitates is lost if you hesitate you may not get another chance If you want to marry Ko, ask her. He who hesitates is lost.
head (headbanger) a person who uses drugs, junkie That school has no heads. Not one student is using drugs.
head (See skids)
head and shoulders superior, better, a cut above Her work is superior - head and shoulders above the others.
head down there go there, travel south, head up there Have you been to Chile? I'm going to head down there for the winter.
head honcho boss, foreman, manager Who's the head honcho here? I have a package for him - or her.
head in the clouds dreaming, wondering, not practical Shelly is a daydreamer. She's got her head in the clouds.
head in the sand unable to see, unwilling to look The minister hasn't noticed their poverty. His head is in the sand.
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