Idioms: by jove -- by word of mouth

by jove it happened, it is amazing By jove! We reached our goal. We sold 15,000 tickets!
by leaps and bounds by large amounts, by a lot The population of Calgary has grown by leaps and bounds.
by no means not in any way, not by any stretch... By no means is a car a good investment. It will depreciate.
by the by (See by the way)
by the same token judging by the same rule, to be fair to both sides By the same token, he should help with the housework.
by the seat of your pants with little money, without planning, a lick and a promise You can't operate a business by the seat of your pants.
by the short hairs (See got you by the short hairs)
by the skin of their teeth by a little, barely He won the election by one vote, by the skin of his teeth.
by the way in addition to what I was saying, incidentally By the way, I heard that Ed is resigning.
by word of mouth by one person speaking to another, person to person, through the grapevine News of his birth traveled by word of mouth. Soon everyone knew that Mary had a baby boy.
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