Idioms: tough times -- train of thought

tough times hard times When Sue gave birth to twins and Dave lost his job, they lived through tough times.
tough titty (See tough luck)
toughen up become tougher, grow stronger The army will toughen him up. They'll develop his stamina.
tower of strength (See a tower of strength)
toy with not be serious about me, not take me seriously I love her, but she's just toying with me - playing with me.
track record list of achievements, summary of career work Lou's track record is excellent. She was top seller last year.
trade insults insult each other, say rude things to each other, mudsling When the two men couldn't agree on the cause of the problem, they began trading insults.
trade secret a business secret, a special recipe or formula I won't tell how Paula makes her pizza. It's a trade secret.
traffic jam traffic that is not moving, many vehicles on one road I was late for class because of a traffic jam. Honest!
train of thought (See lose my train of thought)
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