Idioms: upchuck -- uptight

upchuck vomit, puke, barf, hork Please hand me the paper towel. Baby upchucked on my sweater.
uphill battle difficult work, rough going, tough sledding We've asked the government to protect children's rights, but it's an uphill battle all the way.
upon my word believe me, this is the truth, honestly Upon my word, I don't know why they hate me so.
upon the words offhandedly spoken upon words spoken casually or carelessly, offhand Upon the words offhandedly spoken by a lover we often rely, only to feel the sweetness of their promise disappear.
upper crust upper class, high class, aristocracy Kurt acts like upper crust because his ancestor was a German baron.
upper hand (See the upper hand)
upset the apple cart cause a major problem, stop progress You will upset the apple cart if you tell your folks we're moving.
upside positive side, good news If war has an upside, it would be that it's good for the economy.
uptalk ending statements with your voice rising slightly, inflecting the tone of your voice upwards Uptalking sounds weak - like the speaker lacks confidence.
uptight tense, nervous, not relaxed, worried sick "What are you uptight about?" "I'm not sure. It could be fear of losing my job."
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