Idioms: up and coming -- up on

up and coming starting to develop ability, showing potential Lisel has won six junior trophies. She's an up-and-coming athlete.
up and running operating, working Andre is repairing the copier. It will soon be up and running.
up for grabs available, can be bought The estate will be sold by auction. Even the antiques are up for grabs.
up for it ready, prepared to play, pumped Tonight's game is important. Every player has to be up for it.
up for sale advertised for sale, on the market The Wongs must be moving. Their house is up for sale.
up front at the beginning, level with beforehand He was up front with me. He told me about the interest charges first.
up in arms angry, ready to fight, hot The smokers are up in arms about the no-smoking bylaw.
up in smoke burned, destroyed by fire The barn went up in smoke before the fire truck arrived.
up in the air not decided, not settled They aren't sure who killed the President. It's still up in the air.
up on aware of, informed about, on top of Are you up on the latest computer games? Have you played UFOX?
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