Idioms: turn the air blue -- turn you around

turn the air blue (See the air was blue)
turn the corner achieve part of a goal, progress toward a goal Lan was very ill, but she's turned the corner. She's recovering.
turn the other cheek accept hurt twice, not fight back He is a passive man. He will turn the other cheek instead of fight.
turn the other way look away or ignore, look the other way When I come in late, he turns the other way. He tries not to notice.
turn the tables on begin to defeat the person who was defeating you, mount a comeback When I learned how to return his serve, I turned the tables on him and won the set.
turn ugly become uncivilized, begin fighting When Buddy insulted Ted's wife, things turned ugly.
turn up attend a meeting, show up Only fifteen people turned up at the Block Parents' meeting.
turn up be found, be seen We can't find the ring now, but I'm sure it will turn up soon.
turn up your nose at say it is not good enough, reject it If you turn up your nose at country music, you may lose some friends.
turn you around help you begin a new life, turn over a new leaf His new friends helped to turn him around. He's much nicer now.
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