Idioms: hard feelings -- hard row to hoe

hard feelings unfriendly feelings, resentment After the argument, Bill said, "I hope there are no hard feelings."
hard line statement or policy that a person refuses to change The principal takes a hard line on school attendance. I must attend.
hard liquor strong liquor (rum etc.) with 40 % alcohol The bar was serving beer, wine and several kinds of hard liquor.
hard nosed firm, tough; refusing to lower his price or standard Ms. Bond is hard nosed. If you plagiarize, you fail the course.
hard of hearing not able to hear very well, partly deaf Now that Grandpa's in his 80s, he's quite hard of hearing.
hard-on [B] (See a hard-on)
hard on me makes me work hard, tough on me That job was hard on me. My back is sore from the lifting.
hard pressed challenged, faced with a hard task They'll be hard pressed to find a person who doesn't drink coffee.
hard put unable to answer easily, stump me He was hard put to answer the questions on cold fission.
hard row to hoe (See a hard row to hoe)
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