Idioms: touch it with a ten-foot pole -- touchy

touch it with a ten-foot pole reply, answer, comment on it, beat around the bush If anyone in your audience asks a question about religion, don't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
touch of (See a touch of)
touch off start an argument or a fight, set off His remark about gun control touched off a heated discussion.
touch on speak briefly about, mention Ms. Lee spoke on sales, then touched briefly on service.
touch up add details, make small changes I touched up the painting in a few places. Does it look better?
touch wood hoping that our good luck continues We've never had a flat tire on this car - touch wood.
touch you cause you to feel love or sorrow or regret Did Mom's letter touch you? Do you feel sorry for her?
touched (See touched in the head)
touched in the head a bit crazy, a bit off, funny in the head People will think you're touched in the head if you wear that Superman suit to work.
touchy sensitive, ready to argue, edgy Barb is kind of touchy about her weight. Don't comment on it.
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