Idioms: a total stranger -- a wash-out

a total stranger one you have never seen, a perfect stranger "Can I give you a ride home?" "No. You're a total stranger."
a touch of a little illness, minor symptoms Mary's not feeling well today. She has a touch of the flu.
a tough act to follow a performance that is not easy to equal Gail danced very well. That is a tough act to follow.
a tough call a difficult decision, a hard choice Was the goal scored before the game ended? It's a tough call.
a tough row to hoe (See a hard row to hoe)
a tough time of it a time of stress or bad luck, a rough time of it When Bev left home she had a tough time of it. She had no job.
a tower of strength a person who helps you during a crisis, a brick When my parents were killed in an accident, Harry was a tower of strength to me.
a wake-up call a warning, a caution, wake up and smell the coffee "I got a D on my English test!" "Is it a wake-up call to work harder?"
a wash not owing each other, call it square You owe me $20, but you gave me a CD, so it's a wash, eh.
a wash-out a failure, a lost cause No one attended the concert. It was a wash-out.
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