Idioms: pound the pavement -- power user

pound the pavement look for a job, walk from company to company to find a job Carrying several copies of his resume, Tang was pounding the pavement in Vancouver.
pour it on praise a lot, compliment too much When Harry starts pouring it on, I know he wants something.
pour out your soul tell your private feelings, tell all When Zora visits, she pours out her soul to me. She tells me all about her lover.
pow a word to describe a hit or a punch, bam Then pow! This guy hits Cody in the stomach.
powder my nose go to the ladies' washroom, go to the bathroom Excuse me. I'm going to powder my nose. Are you coming, Judy?
power play (business) a show of power, a grab for power If a general manager demotes two managers, it's a power play.
power play (hockey) five skaters against four or three The Russians scored twice on their five-minute power play.
power to burn very powerful, lots of horsepower, go like stink That old Chev has a 454 motor. It has power to burn.
power trip showing power, showing authority Last week he went on a power trip and told us to work harder.
power user a person who uses a computer a lot Jay uses the computer about 12 hours a day. He's a power user.
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