Idioms: sweat it -- sweetie pie

sweat it (See don't sweat it)
sweat it out wait and worry, on pins and needles While the jury discussed a verdict, the prisoner was sweating it out.
sweater girl girl with big breasts who wears a tight sweater Jody was the sweater girl in our class. She was sexy.
sweep under the carpet hide problems, cover mistakes Don't sweep your problems under the carpet. Try to solve them.
sweep you off your feet impress you, cause you to love them quickly Andre is very charming. He will sweep you off your feet.
sweet on like, love, got a crush on, stuck on You act kind of funny when Barb is here. Are you sweet on her?
sweet spot (See the sweet spot)
sweet tooth a need to eat candy, a craving for sweets A piece of dark chocolate will satisfy my sweet tooth. Yum!
sweeten the pot add more good things, make it worth more If we sweeten the pot with a trip to Paris, we'll sell more tickets.
sweetie pie dear, darling, honey How are you, sweetie pie? It's so good to see you! So good to hug you!
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