Idioms: step aside -- stick in my craw

step aside resign, quit so someone else can do the job If Jon will step aside, Harvey can become president.
step down resign, leave a position, bow out It was time for Pierre to step down - time for him to resign.
step on his dick cause an error, screw up John really stepped on his dick when he lost that CD. It had all his customer accounts on it.
step on it go faster, step on the gas, pedal to the metal Father said, "Step on it, son. We don't want to be late."
step on people hurt people to get ahead, use people to succeed I want wealth, but I don't want to step on people to get it.
step on their toes offend them, upset them When I mentioned their debt, did I step on their toes?
step on your dick cause a problem for yourself, shoot yourself in the foot You really stepped on your dick when you told her about seeing your old girlfriend.
step out of line do something bad, misbehave If John steps out of line again, I'll remind him of the rules.
step up to the plate do your best, take action, take your turn Pedro said, "It's time for me to act. It's time to step up to the plate."
stick in my craw irritate me, get to me That decision really sticks in my craw. How could he sell Gretzky?
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