Idioms: out of my head -- out of sight

out of my head crazy, out of your mind, wacko I must have been out of my head to lend him my car. I was crazy.
out of nowhere without warning, without an introduction Out of nowhere a motorcycle passed us, going like a bullet.
out of order not operating, broken The stamp machine is out of order. I think it's broken.
out of our hands not able to change or control the result The decision is out of our hands. The voters will decide who wins.
out of patience having no more patience, lose patience I'm out of patience with the kids. They're fighting all the time.
out of place in the wrong place, not appropriate I felt out of place wearing shorts in the dining room.
out of pocket expense paid from personal funds Larry is out of pocket for the team lunch at McDonald's.
out of range too far away, not close enough The FM station is out of range of my radio. The signal is weak.
out of sight (outa sight) too much, too high The price was outa sight! They wanted $200 for a nylon jacket.
out of sight too far away to see, not visible anymore He watched the plane until it was a speck. Then it was out of sight.
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