Idioms: all she wrote -- all the marbles

all she wrote (See that's all she wrote)
all shook up excited, nervous Al gets all shook up when he sees Gina. He likes her a lot.
all show artificial, having little or no substance, put on airs When he gets angry and yells at us, it's all show, just to scare us.
all spruced up clean and dressed in your best clothes, dressed up The young farmers got all spruced up for the dance.
all talk and no action a person who talks a lot but does very little, hot air He talks about doing everything, but doesn't accomplish anything. He's all talk and no action!
all teed up the golf ball is on the tee, everything is ready The parade is ready to begin. It's all teed up.
all that jazz all related things, other similar topics They were talking about UFO's and all that jazz.
all the bells and whistles a lot of extra features, lots of goodies, loaded When Horst sold his business he bought a motorhome with all the bells and whistles.
all the livelong day all day, lasting the whole day Our canary sings all the livelong day - from dawn to dusk.
all the marbles all the money, the top prize How does it feel to be playing in the final - for all the marbles?
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