Idioms: cry her heart out -- cup runneth over

cry her heart out cry a lot, sob, cry your eyes out Poor girl! She's crying her heart out because he hasn't called her.
cry in your beer be sad as you drink beer, regret as you drink beer, cry the blues Go to college. Get your diploma. Or someday you'll be crying in your beer.
cry me a river you can cry a lot but you will not get my sympathy, crocodile tears When he complained about how much he had to pay his chauffeur, I said, "Cry me a river, guy."
cry over spilt milk cry about small accidents, cry instead of doing Children drop things and break them. Don't cry over spilt milk.
cry the blues complain because your friend or lover has gone Lan is crying the blues because Bing left her for another woman.
cry your eyes out cry a lot, cry hard, cry her heart out The little boy was lost and scared, and crying his eyes out.
crying shame (See a crying shame)
crystal clear very clear, well understood, plain as day After Mr. Tse explained the concept to me, he asked, "Is that clear?" "Crystal clear," I replied.
cup of tea favorite activity, choice of entertainment A holiday in the Yukon is not her cup of tea.
cup runneth over feeling too full of love or joy or happiness Whenever I listen to Mother Teresa, my cup runneth over.
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