Idioms: take the pulse -- take up cudgels

take the pulse discover the feelings of the people Before you change the flag, see how people feel. Take their pulse.
take the rap receive the blame, take the blame Jeremy took the rap for the crime. He alone was sent to prison.
take the stage go onto the stage, be the performer on the stage When Bob Goulet took the stage we heard some great singing.
take the stand sit in the witness chair in a courtroom You witnessed the crime, so you will have to take the stand.
take the trouble do extra work, do special tasks, take pains Maria always takes the trouble to bake my favorite pie.
take this job and shove it [B] I quit, you can keep this job Jim said to the boss, "Take this job and shove it! I'm outa here!"
take time to smell the roses use some time to relax and enjoy the scenery Yes, pursue your goals, but take time to smell the roses.
take umbrage feel hurt, feel offended, take offense If you refuse her invitation to her party, she'll take umbrage.
take up begin a hobby or activity, learn a skill First, Alice took up karate. Then she learned how to meditate.
take up cudgels pick up weapons, prepare to defend or attack We may have to take up cudgels against people who invent and spread viruses on the Internet.
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