Idioms: save your skin/neck -- say what's on your mind

save your skin/neck save you from risk, dismissal or death The dog saved your neck. His barking helped us find you.
saw logs sleep, fall asleep, sleep like a log, sound asleep When we got home, you were sawing logs. You were asleep.
saw-off tie game, even score The game ended in a saw-off: Leafs 3, Flames 3.
saw off a chunk [B] have sex, have intercourse I could hear the couple upstairs. They were sawing off a chunk.
saw sawdust review a decision or failure too many times "Don't saw sawdust," said the old man. "Don't live in the past."
say high (an idiom to show how one person controls another) Fritz is afraid of Olga. When she says jump, he says how high?
say my piece say what I think, say my two cents' worth When everyone else had spoken, I said my piece.
say the word say yes or no, tell us when you want to begin We're waiting for you. Just say the word and we'll start working.
say what what did you say? pardon me? Say what? Did you insult my pet pig?
say what's on your mind say what you are thinking, speak your mind Now, Mother, say what's on your mind. Give us your opinion.
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