Idioms: two cents' worth -- typo

two cents' worth opinion, comment, chime in Want to hear my two cents' worth? Want my opinion?
two-fisted attack strong verbal attack, much argument, fight tooth and nail If you protect the wolves, you can expect a two-fisted attack from the ranchers.
two for one two products for the price of one Want a milk shake? We can buy two for one at Toy's Ice Cream.
two heads are better than one listen to more than one opinion "Let's ask Alice first. Two heads are better than one."
two left feet awkwardness, poor coordination When it comes to dancing, I have two left feet. I stumble a lot.
two pee holes in the snow small holes, tiny holes He looks very tired. His eyes are like two pee holes in the snow.
two sides to every story (See there are two sides to every story)
two's company, three's a crowd two people are happier than three, the third person is not welcome Jill asked, "Can I invite Ginger?" Jack replied, "Two's company, three's a crowd."
typo error in typing, nitpick The interviewer said my letter of application has a few typos.
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