Idioms: sabre rattling -- salt of the earth

sabre rattling (See rattle sabres)
sack of hammers (See a sack of hammers)
sack out sleep, catch some z's, crash If you bring your sleeping bag, you can sack out on the floor.
sacred cow protected part, the part that must not be changed If our company is going to change, everything should be evaluated - no sacred cows.
sacred moose (a sacred cow in Canada)
sad sack (See a sad sack)
saddle up put a saddle on a horse, place a saddle on a horse Let's saddle up and ride our ponies to the river.
saddled with burdened with, responsible for She doesn't want to be saddled with a bus load of teen-age boys.
salt away save a little money each month, save tiny amounts By the time Jake died, he had salted away about $50,000.
salt of the earth (See the salt of the earth)
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