Idioms: Rock -- roll around

Rock (See The Rock)
rock shock, cause a personal change, shake him Killing Fields is a powerful movie. It will rock you.
rock is great, is as good as great rock music, is cool This webcam really rocks. I can send movies to all my friends!
rock bottom (See hit rock bottom)
rock the boat disturb or upset things, don't make waves If you rock the boat, you may be asked to leave the project.
rocks in your head (See got rocks in your head)
rocks socks so good it will blow your socks off, cool beans "You've just won a million dollars." "Holy crap! That rocks socks!"
Coined by William Burns III
rocky road difficult path, rough going In life, he traveled the rocky road. He always chose the difficult way.
rodchester single armrest between two airplane seats The woman beside me rested her arm on the rodchester.
roll around future becomes present, future date arrives, time passes By the time your birthday rolls around, I'll have no money to buy you a present.
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