Idioms: rearend -- regular guy

rearend bump a car in the back, run into the rear of a car "Your back bumper is dented." "Ya, some guy rearended me."
red carpet (See roll out the red carpet)
red-faced embarrassed, ashamed when something private is made public Judy was red-faced after you kissed her in class. She was embarrassed.
red herring a false issue, make a mountain... She said, "Fluoride is a red herring. It's not important."
red-letter day (See a red-letter day)
red tape government forms and procedures An immigrant faces a lot of red tape - many interviews, forms.
redneck (See a redneck)
reduce to tears ask hurtful questions until someone cries The lawyer's hurtful questions soon reduced Karla to tears.
reefer marijuana cigarette, pot After smoking two reefers, he laughed at anything they said.
regular guy (See a regular guy)
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