Idioms: come into -- come on

come into inherit, receive as a gift When her father died, she came into a lot of money.
come into play affect, influence, be a factor In sales, all of your skills come into play. You use them all.
come into your own be your natural best, find your voice, realize your potential After five years in medicine, he came into his own. He became an excellent doctor.
come naturally able to learn easily, have natural ability Playing the piano seemed to come naturally to Susan.
come of happen, result, develop Peter liked Mia, but nothing ever came of it - no romance.
come of age become old enough to vote or go to the bar or fight in a war On my 18th birthday, Dad said, "Now that you've come of age, here's a set of keys to the car."
come off happen as planned, succeed The band wanted to produce a CD, but it didn't come off.
come off it I do not believe it, you're kidding You had a date with Cybill Shepherd? Come off it!
come on cheer, encourage Come on, Mat, you can do it! You can ride that bull!
come on do what we ask Come on, tell us a story. Please?
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