Idioms: on deck -- on loan

on deck next in order, next to bat Gary's at bat; Tim's on deck.
on drugs using drugs, do drugs "Do you know he's on drugs?" "Yes. His eyes look blank."
on edge not relaxed, nervous, anxious, edgy Gina's a little on edge. She gets her test results back today.
on even terms having equal skills, having the same ability When we play chess, we're on even terms. We're both average.
on fire eager, energetic, all fired up, gung ho When he began working here, he was on fire - very enthusiastic.
on good terms in a good relationship, able to talk and work with Steve is on good terms with all his co-workers. They like him.
on his last legs very tired or old, at the end of his career Gordie was on his last legs, but he could still shoot hard.
on his tail following him closely, chasing him The thief knew the police would follow him. They'd be on his tail.
on in years (See get on in years)
on loan borrowed, signed out The book you want is on loan to someone else until May 12.
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