Idioms: take on a new light -- take risks

take on a new light have a new meaning, see a different meaning The music takes on a new light if you know the composer.
take out court, date, go out with, see He was taking her out when they went to college. They were lovers.
take-out restaurant a restaurant that serves food to be taken outside There's a take-out restaurant. Let's buy some food and go to the park.
take over do someone's job, become the new manager Please take over the bookkeeping while I'm away. Thank you.
take pains try hard, take extra time or care Mr. and Mrs. Wilson take pains to find families that are truly in need.
take part in join, be a worker or a participant She takes part in many activities, including gardening.
take place happen, occur The race will take place at the university track at 10 a.m.
take possession receive the keys as the new owner "We bought a house in Parkland." "When do you take possession?"
take revenge hurt one who hurt you, get even If your car is stolen, report it to the police. Don't take revenge.
take risks accept challenge and change, welcome uncertainty, push the envelope By taking risks we can discover our potential - what is possible!
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