Idioms: cut and dried -- cut me to the quick

cut and dried simple, not complex, open and shut For me, the choice was cut and dried. I chose the Peugeot.
cut corners use less material, use less than required If we cut corners, we'll produce a low-quality product.
cut from the same cloth from the same family, very similar Ty and Ed are cut from the same cloth - both are serious and quiet.
cut him off [B] not have sex with him, not make love to him If he doesn't buy me a car, I'll cut him off - no nookie!
cut it do the job, satisfy, work Red and brown just don't cut it. They look ugly together.
cut it a little fine leave very little time, have just enough money After paying the rent we had only $60. This is cutting it a little fine.
cut it out stop it, do not do that, knock it off When the kids began throwing dirt, we told them to cut it out.
cut losses quit the project and accept the financial losses If the stock price goes down, sell them and cut your losses.
cut me some slack give me more time, give me more freedom You may be asking too much of your son. Cut him some slack.
cut me to the quick hurt me, cause me to feel sad I was hurt when she called me a cow. She cut me to the quick.
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