Idioms: pull punches -- pull up stakes

pull punches talk nice, ease up, take it easy on you If the service is poor, he doesn't pull punches. He complains.
pull that do that, do something wrong, try that She reached for the phone to call the police, but the thief said, "Don't try to pull that."
pull the goalie (hockey) remove the goaltender and use an extra skater After our coach pulled the goalie we scored and tied the game.
pull the pin quit, resign, leave, pack it in If the company doesn't give us a raise in pay, I'm pulling the pin.
pull the plug stop working on a project, not support any more, leave you in the lurch When Zoe lied to Social Services they pulled the plug on her. They stopped paying her expenses.
pull the rug out take away your help, remove your support, leave you holding the bag Some insurance companies pull the rug out from under you when you file a claim.
pull the wool over your eyes deceive you, trick you, fool you Don't let him pull the wool over your eyes. He's not at the office.
pull through recover, get well, get over the operation The doctor didn't think he'd pull through, but he's feeling fine.
pull together work together, co-operate If we pull together, we can complete this project on time.
pull up stakes move away, go to live in another place We pull up stakes when winter comes. We move to Arizona.
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