Idioms: leave you holding the bag -- leftovers

leave you holding the bag leave you to do the work or finish a difficult job He left me holding the bag. I had to finish the work by myself.
leave you in the lurch leave you with a problem, fend for yourself The bride didn't go to the church. The groom was left in the lurch.
leave yourself open not protect yourself, allow people to hurt you By coming late to work, he left himself open to discipline.
led to believe be told, be given information, lead you down... "Were you led to believe that the car was in good condition?" "Yes. They said it was fine."
left holding the bag (See leave you holding the bag)
left in the lurch (See leave you in the lurch)
left out in the cold (See leave out in the cold)
left over remainder, what is not used or not eaten We bought too much ice cream. There are two pails left over.
left, right and center in every direction, everywhere There were soldiers everywhere - left, right and center.
leftovers food not eaten at the previous meal After the Christmas feast they ate leftovers for a few days.
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