Idioms: P's and Q's -- pain in the butt

P's and Q's (See watch your P's and Q's)
pack a punch hit hard, have a strong effect Here's a word that packs a punch: guilty.
pack a rod carry a hand gun, have a gun on a belt The boys knew that one of the students was packing a rod.
pack it in quit, leave, pull the pin "What if you don't get paid?" "I'll pack it in. I'll quit."
pack Uzis carry automatic rifles, have powerful weapons The news report stated that the soldiers were packing Uzis.
pad apartment, digs You have a nice pad, Nora. I love your leather furniture!
pad an expense account claim more money than spent, add false expenses How can I pad my expense account if I don't have receipts?
paddle your own canoe be an individual, be independent Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe.
pain in the ass [B] (See a pain in the ass)
pain in the butt (See a pain in the butt)
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