Idioms: milk it -- mind the store

milk it take all it will give, get all you can from it, seize the opportunity I learned the mail-order business and milked the idea for all it was worth. I earned a lot of money.
milk run airline route that stops at small cities From Vancouver, we took the milk run through Kelowna.
mince words (See doesn't mince words)
mind boggling too many to count, more than you can imagine The potential for profit is mind boggling - too large to believe.
mind games control people's feelings, play games He plays mind games with me - he tries to control my feelings.
mind go blank cannot think what to say, lose your tongue When the Prime Minister stopped to talk to me, my mind went blank.
mind in neutral not thinking, vegetate Some of our employees stand around with their minds in neutral.
mind of his own independent thinker, his own man Fu doesn't copy the work of his friends. He has a mind of his own.
mind over matter believing you can do it, using the mind's power When your brain controls your heart rate, it's mind over matter.
mind the store manage the store, serve customers Dana, please mind the store while I go to the post office.
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