Idioms: get high -- get into her pants [B]

get high feel good, have a special feeling I get a natural high from jogging. I feel happy and free.
get him back get revenge, get back at Lyle wants to get me back for seeing Betty. He's jealous.
get home arrive at home, come home I'm going to bed when I get home. I'm sleepy.
get in deeper cause you more trouble, dig yourself in Telling another lie will only get you in deeper - make it worse.
get in my face confront me, stand in front of me When I try to talk to Jodi, her boyfriend gets in my face.
get in on it benefit from it, take advantage of it Baymart is having a half-price sale, and I want to get in on it.
get in on the ground floor be there at the start, be one of the first people to invest or be hired If I get in on the ground floor at MING'S, I'll advance quickly.
get in shape exercise until you are physically fit, work out If you want to play soccer this year, you better get in shape.
get in your hair (See in your hair)
get into her pants [B] have sex with her, lay her[B] He wants to get into her pants, but she won't let him.
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