Idioms: mop the floor with us -- mothball

mop the floor with us perform so well the audience wants more, she peed We loved the Gagnon concert. He mopped the floor with us.
mop up correct mistakes, clean up a mess left by others The manager told us he would not mop up after us. We have to fix our own mistakes.
moppie mobile office professional, ambitious business people, yuppie A lot of moppies lost their jobs when the oil industry declined.
more money than brains rich but not intelligent, money to burn, moneybags He bought a house but didn't use it, rent it or sell it. He has more money than brains!
more power to you you deserve more support, we hope you succeed because you are kind When she told us about her plan to help abused children, we said, "More power to you, Ms. Wah."
more than meets the eye (See there's more than meets the eye)
more than welcome we invite you, please come to our place, feel free Mary invited them to stay. "You are more than welcome to sleep at our place," she said.
more than you can shake a stick at a lot, too many, oodles Alfreda has more cats than you can shake a stick at - over 30!
mortal coil (See this mortal coil)
mothball put away, put on a shelf The boss mothballed the report. The owners never saw it.
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