Idioms: clam -- clean up

clam dollar, buck He paid a hundred clams for that radio.
clam up stop talking, become quiet Why do you clam up when we mention Judy? Why so quiet?
claptrap nonsense, trivia, bull I heard what the psychic said. What a lot of claptrap!
class act a fine person, a lady, a gentleman, first class Do you know Stephen Lewis? Now there's a class act!
claws are showing show resentment or envy or jealousy, if looks could kill When you talked about Carla, your claws were showing. Do you dislike her?
clean bill of health (See a clean bill of health)
clean bill of health (See a clean bill of health)
clean cut well groomed, clean, neat We're looking for clean-cut boys to work as waiters.
clean me out buy all I have, steal everything I own The thieves cleaned us out. They took everything in our house.
clean up pick up garbage, put away clothes or toys, wash Lorne, please clean up the mess in your bedroom.
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