Idioms: miss your chance -- money to burn

miss your chance not do it when you can, not seize the opportunity I'm sorry. You cannot go today. You missed your chance to go yesterday.
mix it up challenge, fight, mess with If you mix it up with a street fighter, you could get injured.
mix up become confused or puzzled He gets mixed up when we all give advice. He gets confused.
mix you up confuse you, boggle your mind Too much information will just mix you up - confuse you.
mixed feelings feeling both positive and negative, happy and sad; bittersweet I have mixed feelings. I'm happy about the new job, but sad about leaving my friends.
moment of truth (See the moment of truth)
money doesn't grow on trees money is not easy to get, we value our money Father said, "Money doesn't grow on trees, boy. You earn it."
money is the root of all evil money is the cause of bad things If money is the root of all evil, why do you want to be rich?
money talks money causes action, grease my palm If you want service, money talks. When you pay, they serve.
money to burn lots of money, filthy rich They've got money to burn, so why do they drive that old car?
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