Idioms: mend fences -- miffed

mend fences solve political problems, listen to voters Every summer the politicians go home and try to mend fences.
mental block (See a mental block)
mess up do a bad job, ruin it, screw up The manager messed up. He spent too much money on advertising.
mess with challenge, fight with, mix it up with We learned not to mess with the Mafia. Their revenge is deadly.
messed up depressed, dependent on drugs, not coping with life At that point in his life, he was messed up on drugs and alcohol.
mete out administer, give according to the law or policy It was his duty to mete out justice in the colony.
middle ground a position that is fair to both sides, a compromise, meeting of minds The minister tried to find some middle ground between the nurses and the administrators.
middle of the road moderate, not extreme Our education policy is middle of the road. The majority like it.
middleman (See the middleman)
miffed annoyed, not pleased, put out about, ticked off Marnie was miffed when you swore at her cat. She said you were rude.
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