Idioms: put on the dog -- put the heat on

put on the dog use your finest dishes or clothes etc.; show off When we visit Mame, she likes to put on the dog - get dressed up.
put out do, function, perform Vern's crew really puts out. They do a lot of work in a day.
put out unhappy, upset Was he put out when you asked for more money? Was he upset?
put out about bothered, annoyed, ticked off What's Jan put out about? She seems irritated.
put out feelers discover indirectly, ask subtle questions, through the grapevine I'm not really looking for a new job, but I'm going to put out a few feelers and see what happens.
put out of its misery kill because it is suffering, put down One of our dogs had diabetes, so we put it out of its misery.
put stock in believe in, have faith in An atheist doesn't put much stock in the Bible.
put the finishing touches on add the last details or trimmings Lan decorated the cake - she put the finishing touches on it.
put the hammer down go faster, floor it, pedal to the metal If we's goin from New York to LA in two days, you got to put de hammer down.
put the heat on cause someone to feel pressure or stress The cops put the heat on them by asking a lot of questions.
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