Idioms: let sleeping dogs lie -- let yourself go

let sleeping dogs lie do not create problems, leave things alone Don't tell them the price of gas will rise. Let sleeping dogs lie.
let the cat out of the bag tell people, the cat's out of the bag People know we plan to elope. Who let the cat out of the bag?
let the chips fall where they may let it happen naturally, do not control everything We've done all we can to win the election. Let the chips fall... .
let the good times roll let the party begin, let us enjoy our time together, the more the merrier Uncle Harry welcomed us to the reunion. Then he said, "Let the good times roll!"
let this chance go by allow an opportunity to pass, miss your chance, seize the opportunity This letter means that you are accepted for admission to Oxford. Don't let this chance go by.
let up not do it as much, ease up If the rain lets up, we'll go to the park.
let you down (See let down)
let you have it scold you, shout at you, hit you, tell you off (see tell him off) If you tease him about his girlfriend, he'll let you have it.
let yourself go relax, be natural, let it all hang out "Let yourself go," the leader said. "Share what you are feeling."
let yourself go not groom yourself, become sloppy If you let yourself go, your wife may lose interest in you.
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