Idioms: seeing things -- sell out

seeing things imagine that you see things, hallucinate If John said there's a ghost in the house, he must be seeing things.
seek revenge try to hurt a person who hurt you, get back at If a dog bites you, there are many ways to seek revenge.
seen better days not in good condition, worn out This jacket has seen better days. Look how the sleeves are worn.
seen dead in (See wouldn't be caught dead)
seize the opportunity act now to gain most, take advantage of He seized the opportunity to invest in gold. He didn't wait.
self-made man one who succeeds by his own efforts Ming built his business by himself. He's a self-made man.
self-starter a person who will begin to work without a supervisor; a go-getter We're looking for self starters - people who can begin a job and work by themselves.
sell like hotcakes sell many, sell fast Hockey cards sell like hotcakes. The kids collect them.
sell out sell a business, sell all assets Grandpa was 60 years old when he sold out and moved to Victoria.
sell out sell information or support The Bible tells us that Judas sold out to the bad guys.
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