Idioms: drag it out -- draw a sober breath

drag it out take a long time to finish, speak for a long time When James tells a ghost story, he drags it out for an hour.
drag on go for a long time, last for hours or days The funeral dragged on and on - for three days!
drag queen man dressed in women's clothing, transvestite Don's a transvestite. They call him "the drag queen of Fag Street."
drag race two cars racing from a stop light "Did you see the drag race?" "Ya. The Corvette won."
drag your feet work too slow, prevent progress They're dragging their feet. Tell them to work faster.
dragged through a... (See look like he was dragged through a knothole)
drain the swamp remove what prevents a clear view of the problem If I were manager, my first step would be to drain the swamp.
drat oh no, nuts, rats, scrut Drat! I've lost the key. How can we get into the apartment?
draw a blank be unable to think of an answer, mind go blank For some reason, I drew a blank when the professor questioned me.
draw a sober breath be sober, not be drunk They say he hasn't drawn a sober breath since his son was killed.
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