Idioms: in the least -- in the mood

in the least in any way, at all Oil prices went up, but the price of gas didn't change in the least.
in the long haul after several years, for the long term In the long haul, you'll earn more money if you have a degree.
in the long run planning for the future, looking many years ahead In the long run, real estate is a good investment.
in the loop on the list of people who receive information, the in-crowd I hope you'll keep me in the loop. I want to hear the latest news.
in the lurch facing a problem alone, holding the bag True friends won't leave you in the lurch, will they?
in the making developing, growing Raj is a talented pianist. Is he a Glenn Gould in the making?
in the meantime for now, meanwhile Someday I want to own a yacht. In the meantime, I have a canoe.
in the money wealthy, rich, loaded If my lottery number is drawn, I'll be in the money.
in the Monford lane driving fast, in the passing lane, pedal to the metal We got a rush order, so we was in de Monford lane all de way.
in the mood feeling that you want to do something I'm in the mood for pizza. Let's order a large one - loaded!
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