Idioms: keep you in mind -- keep your head

keep you in mind remember you or your request, think of you If we have any job openings in sales, I'll keep you in mind.
keep you on track tell you what to do, remind you of the topic The instructor will help to keep us on track. She'll remind us.
keep you posted send or phone the news to you, inform you I'll be in Korea for six months, but I'll keep you posted.
keep your cool stay calm, not become excited Can you keep your cool during an emergency, or do you panic?
keep your distance do not come too close, respect a person's space Keep your distance or she'll accuse you of harassment.
keep your ear to the ground listen for news, listen for gossip Keep your ear to the ground. You'll hear about drug dealers.
keep your eyes peeled look or watch carefully, watch for Keep your eyes peeled for birds. Watch for animals, too.
keep your fingers crossed hope that plans will be successful, hope our dreams will come true "I hope I get a pet dog for my birthday." "Keep your fingers crossed, my dear."
keep your hair on don't rush, be calm, keep your shirt on "Hurry, Adriana! We're late!" "Keep your hair on. I'm coming!"
keep your head think clearly, do not lose your head Try to keep your head during a crisis. Try to think clearly.
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